Shopify Auction App

Need to Sell Stale Shopify Products?

Download Our Shopify Auction App &
Turn Your Stale Shopify Products into Revenue

Seamless Shopify Integration

We integrate with almost any Shopify Theme. And our developers make sure you receive the treatment you deserve to get this Shopify Auction App up and running smoothly.

Shopify Items into Auction

Use our built-in spreadsheet to add new items into your Custom Shopify Auction app. Choose a timeframe, starting cost, auction bid increment & tags.

Auction Count Down

Once your item is created in your custom Shopify Auction app then the countdown begins.
Customers will revisit your site often to check on the status and navigate your site. An increase in traffic means increased online across the board.

Popcorn Auction Settings

If one of your items heats up in the last 5 minutes of the Shopify Auction App then popcorn bidding is triggered and will continue past the end time until a winner is declared.

MyAuctions Shopify Login

Customers will be able to view, watch and bid on your items from a central dashboard.
Watch as the price of your previously stale Shopify products turnover old product, increase your revenue and make room for new products.

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Auction Percentage Fee

At 5%, our Shopify Auction app fees beat out any online auction house you can find. And with seamless integration of our Shopify Auction app you will wish you would have found us sooner.

Active & Past Shopify App Auction Items

Quickly and easily search current and past auction items to modify them or to simply use the Shopify Auction App for financial records.

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Stellar Customer Service

Some Shopify Apps are great until you need support and then it all falls off the rails. Not with wareFX because you simply reach out to our support staff and we get you back on track.

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Helpful Auction Reporting

No more wasted time creating unhelpful reports. Click on our reporting section and find everything you need to succeed. Now all that's left is to book a pain-free appointment with us to get started!

Use our Shopify Auction App to move stale products to increase revenue.