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Shopify vs. Lightspeed

Shopify vs. Lightspeed (August 2022) When opening a retail store, restaurant or cafe, choosing the right point of sale (POS) system is essential. It will

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What we do

We help businesses succeed by providing insight on emerging technologies that grow and protect their market share.

We also mentor high performance agile development and customer centric processes that foster healthy communication between departments and your customers.

Executive Direction on Emerging Technologies

Bring deeper understanding of emerging technologies at the executive leadership level. Envision how technology could propel your business and protect your market share.

Agile Development Process Leadership

Transform your technology team into a responsive product development work culture that builds products based on business and customer value.

Customer Centric Design Leadership

Build a culture of employees that live and breathe in the context of their customers and design a product customer experience that strengthens your brand.

ECommerce & Software Development

Software and web presence that you rave about.  Connection to products and services your customers rave about. 

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I have a wealth of experience in executive technology leadership and vision in financial, market research and non profit organizations. Over my career, I’ve garnered much praise for successfully institutionalizing User Experience, Agile Development methodologies and fostering high performance responsible work cultures. Lean on my experience as a technology leader in large and small fast pace technology environments mixed with my certification as a Usability Analyst with Human Factors International. Contact me to setup a free 30 minute discussion to see how I can help your company succeed with your technology needs.

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Let's analyse emerging technologies and how they intersect with your business.

Drive technology innovation with high performing customized processes that leads the way in your market sector.